Technical Fields:

- Economic and social development of economies in transition;
- Environmental management;
- Energy efficiency and energy saving;
- Agriculture and rural development;
- Health, hygiene and sanitation;
- Education development and VET;
- Rule of law and anti-corruption;
- Insitutional support and human resource management.


- Sociological surveys;
- Technical assistance;
- Identification and feasibility studies;
- Project management;
- Project organisation (studies/design, funding, implementation);
- Business planning and strategic planning;
- Staff training and further education.

In addition to the key permanent staff members the company employs affiliated experts working on various projects. FNT maintains a comprehensive database of international and regional consultants and has developed established links with a number of local universities and research institutions.

The experience of FNT Consultants in SME development, finance and banking sectors lays in the area of development of a strategic development plans and provision of advisory services. The FNT Consultants in-house staff members were trained by international advisers of IFC in delivery of seminars on mortgage financing (Training of Trainers). In 2009 this experience was replicated to some local banks.

FNT Consultant's financial experts offer services in business planning, cost and benefit analysis of variuos projects, extrapolation and econometric projections of expected sectoral and macroeconomic magnitudes, and comparative economic analysis.

The company’s current project portfolio contains an interesting range of challenging projects.

FNT Consultants