FNT Consultants.

FNT Consultants is an independent private consultancy company which carries out projects in Central Asia in the field of economic and social development, covering economies in transition, regional development, infrastructure development, agriculture and rural development, environmental management and others. The management expertise of the company in project management and administration is combined with the expertise in a number of sectors. With it’s demonstrated skills in combination with close working relations established with Clients and beneficiaries, FNT Consultants has deminstrated the company’s capacity to offer comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of clients.

FNT Consultants is a member of group of companies consisting of: FNT Asset Management company founded in 1999 in Kyrgyzstan with its focus on working with the stock markets, a microcredit company FNT Credit incorporated in 2005, and FNT Consultants which was incorporated in 2007. With its highly professional staff, the Company has been able to develop and complete a range of successful consultancy projects for international institutions, including the Asian Development Bank, European bank for Reconstruction and Development, United States Agency for International Development, German International Cooperation agency, International Labour Organization and others.

FNT Consultants